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Calm Waters

Intensive Outpatient Treatment

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FRC provides IOP services to anyone:

  • wanting to continue treatment after completing a residential treatment program

  • looking for a judgement-free environment to address substance use / mental health issues 

  • responding to consequences at home, at work, and in the community because of drug / alcohol 

  • who is otherwise facing consequences where a comprehensive education would be helpful


Our IOP program is designed for easy integration with Twelve-Step involvement and enriched with carefully developed media.

Our Intensive Outpatient Program

requires individuals to: 

  •  attend a minimum of three evidence based group therapy sessions a week, for approximately 12-24 sessions.

  • attend a minimum of two individual sessions with our licensed professionals. *Family sessions available upon request.

  • complete an individualized treatment plan

  • complete an aftercare and discharge plan with their counselor.

* If interested in our IOP program, give us a call! We offer appointments within 72 hours of the initial call. Our licensed professionals are flexible and will work around your schedule. 


People who make high-risk choices around alcohol and drugs progress toward their "trigger point" for addiction. Some people get close to it, or even go beyond. FRC’s Intensive Outpatient is designed to meet the needs of any individual who resonates with this experience

FRC's IOP is an evidence-derived program, meaning the program is built on evidence-based practices. Modalities that are used by counselors,  but not limited to,  are Motivational Enhancement, Transtheoretical Model for Change, CBT, DBT, and Psychotherapy.

Franklin Recovery Center

DUI 2nd
180 hours of treatment offered.
Please contact for more details.

Intensive Outpatient Program

* Your insurance may be accepted / Rates may vary

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