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Even the darkest night will end
and the sun will rise

Victor Hugo

Wisdom Through Reflection & Experience 

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Alcohol & Drug
Risk Reduction Course

DUI Safety School 

Our licensed professionals at Franklin Recovery Center facilitate a motivational alcohol and drug risk reduction course that is PRIME for Life™ certified.


FRC's Alcohol & Drug Risk Reduction Course: 

  • provides an education that can lead to improved attitudes and beliefs about the risks involved in alcohol and drug consumption

  • provides a unique opportunity for self awareness in relationship to the consumption of alcohol and or drugs

  • provides an environment to consider your personal values and how to protect the things that mean the most vs. the use of alcohol and or drugs

  • enables you to consider potential harm that could result to you, your loved ones, and the community form continued use of alcohol and or drugs.


DUI 2nd
TN State laws provide alternatives to sentencing for second offense DUIs. Please contact one of our licensed professionals to learn more about your treatment options.  

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